Why Some of the Things We Want Don’t Manifest

Quantum Success CoachWhy does the Law of Attraction seem to work for some things, but not all things?  The expectations that you have or don’t have are the reason things manifest or not. This will be discussed clearly in Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program.

Your expectations about what you want, your desire, and your imagination– all these three need to be in alignment, in harmony to bring your manifestations into form. Further, you have to have high expectations, intense desires and a very dynamic imagination to really create from a space of elegance and grace, where there is minimal effort for maximum results.  You will learn how you can work to keep your expectations, desires and imagination high and consistent in QSCA with qsca Christy Whitman.

Consider expectations as your beliefs, desires as your emotions, and imagination as what you can visualize in your future. Basically, your desires and imagination remain consistent. For instance, if you plan a vacation somewhere, or if you want a new job, or you want to create your ideal body, those desires are consistent. You want what you want and you feel excited when you imagine it. Nevertheless, the desire and imagination can still change but not as dramatic as your expectations about them. Your expectations fluctuate so swiftly and they are based on your beliefs. The expectation goes up and down until it settles in to set point. In Life Coach Training with QSCA you will learn to reset your “Allowing Meter” that determines how much you allow to receive. Also, a Certified Quantum Success Coach will help you identify the negative beliefs and transform these beliefs into powerful affirmations to support your expansion.

If you want to manifest with the ease and grace that is available to you, believe the best to happen, feel what you want with passion, and visualize that you already have what you want.

Come and join QSCA Coaching Program to learn the art of deliberate creation. The best is yet to come!  

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