The Power of Your Thoughts


Did you know that thoughts are real?  They have actual weight and mass! In fact, Quantum physics can measure thoughts now.  Thoughts have significant power over each cell in our body.  Our thoughts can make us  happy and feel successful, or the other way around. Through Christy Whitman coaching, we will learn to overcome negative thoughts by consciously redirecting our focus on positive things.  

Everything begins and ends in our mind. How our mind functions determines how happy you are, how successful you feel, and how well you relate to other people. Life Coach Training with QSCA will help us unlock and learn the important keys to manage our own mind in order to   build greater clarity and self-confidence.

The patterns of your mind bring you towards greatness and success, or they cause you to wallow in weakness and misery. Learning how to focus and direct your mind is the most important ingredient of success. We will find the important ingredient for manifesting a successful and abundant Life quickly and easily through Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman.

Our brains operate like computers in many ways. When we receive negative input about ourselves, they are stored in our subconscious minds, and we often communicate those messages through our negative feelings, emotions and behavior. The qsca coaching program will help us redirect our negative thoughts to prevent negative emotions take control.

Except we learn to “talk back” and manage destructive thoughts, we believe them 100%. More often than not, many of us fail to filter the thoughts that go through our heads even though the thoughts may be very unreasonable. This leads to behavior that is based on false ideas and it becomes our “reality” that hinders us to experience abundant life. QSCA Christy Whitman will teach us to discern and correct the negative thoughts that are disrupting our genuine happiness.

Most people are captives of their thoughts, but you can control your thoughts—that means you can control your results. In Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, you will learn to defile the thinking patterns that are preventing the very things you desire. 

Speak Your Mind