What You Tell Yourself Creates Your Reality


What we choose to look at, how we choose to feel, how we choose to think all comes from our perceptions.  The perceptions that are of abundance feel good to us and the perceptions of lack feel horrible.  Your feelings of success, contentment, and happiness depend on your positive view of yourself and your life.  So changing the way we see things and shifting our perceptions to be of abundance and not of lack is a powerful tool that we will learn from QSCA through Christy Whitman coaching.

As Geneen Roth says in her article, Make Peace with Your Body, “if you look at the world through shattered glasses, the world looks shattered. If you look at your body through “fat eyes,” you see fat everywhere. To change how you see yourself, you must change the eyes with which you see.”

Be careful how you see yourself, be careful what you say to yourself (watch your thoughts and words) because you will believe it, and it will become your reality.   For instance, what you tell yourself about the shape of your body shapes your feelings and beliefs about yourself. So, if you say to yourself, “Oh, I’m fat, I look awful with the thunder thighs, the sagging arms, the moon face.” you feel so unhappy. Talking to yourself like this doesn’t lead to change; it leads to feeling so bad that you need to eat cake and ice cream to feel better. This kind of talk belittle us, makes us feel desperate and ugly. It doesn’t take into account the things about us that cannot be measured or weighed — and yet these are the most essential things, the things that matter most.  

In Quantum Success Coaching Academy with Christy Whitman, we will be taught to transform our limiting beliefs into powerful affirmations to open and develop your awareness of what you can have to align you with your soul’s wisdom and to assist you in tuning with the unlimited abundance of the universe.

Being well is different from being perfect. And being well isn’t the same as being thin.

It’s vital to take care of yourself, to eat in a way that provides you the energy to live your life just the way you want to live it. You can be well and yes, you can be happy.  

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