Quantum Success Coaching Academy: Overview of Life Coaching

It’s been said that “nothing in this world is permanent except for a change.” As we journey through the different stages of our lives, we will encounter milestones, setbacks, opportunities, and challenges that entail changes in our approach, revision in our strategies, or a shift in our perspective. Our reaction to the changes that inevitably happen in our lives is the key factor in determining our level of happiness, enjoyment, and success.

Life Coaching

  • Quantum life coaching is about helping another individual move forward—from their present situation to where they would want to be – whether they’re making a shift in career, launching a new venture, reassessing preferences, illuminating values, or simply seeking to build better and stronger personal or professional relationships. People also hire QSCA certified coaches to support them to attain personal goals as well– healthier lifestyle, ideal weight or attracting your ideal partner.
  • Though there are diverse ways of life coaching, there’s one common purpose– to provide resources and assistance to direct people in the transformation period of their lives, and train them how to use difficult times and adversaries as catalysts toward realizing even higher levels of fulfillment.
  • Life coaching is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and a very promising career. If you have incredible coaching potential to enter this field, then why not join the Quantum Success Coaching Academy and get a quantum life coaching certification.

Life Coach

  • A life coach offers a sounding board, stance and direction to assist their clients succeed despite life’s inevitable changes.
  • Remember, a life coach like QSCA  Christy Whitman is not a therapist. QSCA certified coaches focus solely on the future (on moving forward) while the role of a therapist is to help you cope with past issues and problems.
  • Moreover, it’s important not to confuse the role of a life coach with that of a friend that we may look for to “vent” about our troubles and dilemmas. Coaches are professionals like physicians, attorneys, or engineers who are trained in a particular skillset which they use to empower clients to find solutions to the challenges they face. Which of these skills they apply is determined by each unique client and condition.
  • Definitely a life coach like QSCA  Christy Whitman may offer new ideas or potential actionable tips for their clients to consider, but their key role is to listen attentively; to ask pertinent questions that help their clients uncover their own wisdom and their own path, and to support them with their thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and actions with who and what they want to become.

Many people have profoundly benefited from having a life coach.  We hope you are inspired to join Quantum Success Coaching Academy for a life of abundance and success.

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