QSCA:  Energizing the Human Machine

People are human machines just like cars that have many moving parts.  Learning to consciously maneuver our human machine in order to magnetize the things we want in our lives is similar to the process of learning to drive (Quantum life coaching can be your guide in the process of learning).

Let’s see the similarity.

  • Our goal GPS that continually directs us to the destination/goal we’re striving to reach.
  • Our mind – steering wheel that brings us to where we want to be.
  • Positive emotions fuel our creative engine, increasing the speed at which we fulfill our desires.
  • Negative emotions throw a wrench into the gears, delaying our way to success (quantum life coaching will enable you to fix broken parts of your life).

Like driving a car, it takes focus and effort to filter, choose and create our reality.  In the beginning, at least if we’re not centered, we can easily revert to the thoughts and feelings that don’t help us. In situations like these, it’s normal to feel dismayed – you even want to stop on the side of the road and cry!  Don’t despair, QSCA coaching program will assist you to move forward.

Like driving a car, when we are practicing a new way of life and we encounter a sharper learning curve more than we expected, instead of motivating ourselves, many of us quit easily and even convince ourselves that we aren’t ready or deserving of our desires. QSCA Christy Whitman can help us unlearn old habitual behavior and master a more mindful way of living.

The road gives novice drivers constant feedback on how well they are learning; the universe provides us constant feedback about the vibration we are offering. Constant feedback about where we are in connection with our goals is a way of knowing how we are doing.  At QSCA, you’ll know how you are doing and you’ll find there is more to achieve.

Magnetizing people/circumstances that match our goals indicates that we are on course.  Experiences that reveal opposite reaction show that our thoughts and emotions have blocked us in our chosen direction. How we apply this feedback is essential to the end result we achieve. QSCA Christy Whitman will support us and see everything, even negative feedback as vital steps to success.

The QSCA coaching program will serve as the driving school to teach us to learn and master the process of driving our lives in the direction we ought to enjoy and value for the rest of our lives.

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