Learn the Law of Reflection through QSCA

QSCAEverything in the Universe is a reflection of YOU.  This includes your relationships with people in your life as well as your relationship with money.  If you have fear or insecurity about money, success, or anyone in your life, then these are reflections of fear and insecurity within your own being.  Those fears will always be revealed in your reactions to others.

During Life Coach Training with QSCA you will understand that everything is a mirror reflection of YOU and your internal world, and with the support and guidance of a Certified Quantum Success Coach you can identify them and change them.  Further, you will learn that the Law of Reflection is a great means to rise above the effect of fear and this law is discussed profoundly in Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program.  

The Law of reflection can be demonstrated in four ways.

1. What you admire in others, you recognize as existing within yourself. When you notice amazing qualities in another person, it is because you too have those qualities. You’ll be able to discover and recognize your amazing qualities when you train with a Certified Quantum Success Coach.  The Quantum Success Coaching Academy Cost is worth investing because training with a life coach is profitable both personal and professional.  

2. What you dislike in yourself, you will dislike in others. When you realize that you dislike a quality in another person, look at yourself and that is a great hint where you need to develop self–love and self-acceptance. QSCA Christy Whitman will provide us with a system to practice self-love on a daily basis.

3. What you resist to others is something which you are scared exists within you.  When you notice this kind of quality in another person and have an emotional reaction to it, you definitely don’t want to look at it. However, when we learn and apply the Law of Reflection through qsca coaching program, we will be able to gain more clarity and change what you are afraid of.

4. What you resist to others is almost certain to be found within you. When someone annoys you and you resist a behavior that they have, you can look at yourself and realize that that in order to change it outside of yourself, you need to change it within.

Learn The Law of Reflection through QSCA and free yourself from devastating fear and insecurity.

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