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How to subscribe to magazines on your iPad

Reading magazines and newspapers is an amazing experience the new iPadthanks to its retina display Newsstand is Apple’s built-in way or ogranize and manage all your issues and subscriptions, so your magazines and newspapers are where you want, when you want. They’ll even download over night so new editions are ready for you right when you wake up!

Note: Newsstand isn’t really an app, it’s a special folder on your Home screen, and magazines and newspapers are actually apps just like any other app or game. Newsstand just makes it easier to find them and keep them organized.

There are actually two ways to get magazines and newspapers onto your new iPad.

How to get magazines and newspapers from within Newsstand

Tap the Newsstand app on your homescreen.

  1. You’ll be presented with a virtual bookshelf. This is where your subscriptions will show up.
  2. To start subscribing tap the Store icon in the top right corner of Newsstand.
  3. Browse and download magazine and book apps just as you would any other app. If you’re brand new to the iPad, here’s how
How to get magazines and newspapers from the App Store


  1. Launch the App Store.
  2. Tap the Categories tab on the bottom.
  3. Now tap on Newsstand

Regardless what method you use, you’ll still end up in the same place. Now we can browse for things we want to subscribe to and start filling up our shelves.


  1. Browse all the offerings in Newsstand in one of two ways – at the top you can choose between featured and release date.
    Once you’ve found something you’d like to subscribe to, you can check out the rates by scrolling down a bit. While most items are free to download, you’ll need to purchase a subscription as an in-app purchase. This publications also lets you purchase individual issues as well (we’ll cover that in a minute).

  2. To subscribe, just tap the price underneath the cover picture.
  3. The button will turn into an “Install App” button. Tap it once more.
  4. You’ll be prompted to enter your iTunes password. Click Ok and your subscription will start to download to Newsstand.
How to get a subscription with an in-app purchase


  1. Tap on the publication you just downloaded to Newsstand in order to open it.
  2. Every publication is a bit different but you should see a section where you can subscribe or purchase individual issues if they offer it.
  3. Choose the subscription or issue you’d like and tap the price just as you did previously to install the publication.
  4. Enter your iTunes password if prompted and you’re done.

If you subscribed for a certain time duration, Newsstand should automatically download your new issues as soon as they’re available. You can also enable automatic downloads in order to sync your subscriptions across all your devices.

Enabling automatic downloads


  1. From the homescreen of your iPad, tap your Settings icon.
  2. Now tap Store
  3. From here you can choose to turn automatic downloads on for music, apps, books, and any magazines you are subscribed to. Just toggle them on or off for the items you’d like to sync across your devices.

That’s it! You’ll now be able to read all of your subscriptions straight from your iPad or any other iOS device you own. Hit the links below for even more iPad tips and tricks.

Buy & Download Kindle Content for Kindle

After you connect wirelessly, you can buy books, magazines, and newspapers from the Kindle Store and download them directly to your device.

Make sure your Kindle is connected to a wireless network. If you are not sure if your Kindle is connected, go to Check the Status of Your Wireless Connection.

If your Kindle includes 3G, you are connected automatically. You can buy and download Kindle content using 3G, but you can download faster if you connect to a Wi-Fi network.

After you purchase a book, magazine, or newspaper, it automatically downloads to your Kindle. The content is also stored in your Kindle Library so you can download it to other Kindle devices or Kindle reading apps registered to the same account.

  1. To visit the Kindle Store, press the Menu button, and then select Shop in Kindle Store.
  2. When you are ready to purchase a title, tap the Buy button to purchase a single book or periodicalTo subscribe to a periodical, tap Subscribe now.

    Tip: Tap Try a Sample to download the beginning of the book for free.

  3. Press the Home button to show and open your new Kindle content.

Kindle content is automatically added to your Archived Items on your device to download again. To download a book, newspaper, or magazine to your Kindle, press the Menu button, and then select View Archived Items. With the 5-way controller, select the title you wish to download. Your book, magazine, or newspaper will appear on the Home screen.

Full link for additional help from Amazon:

Buy & Download from Kindle for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Although you can’t shop for Kindle content directly from the Kindle reading app, you can purchase content from the Kindle Store using the Safari browser and, during that process, deliver Kindle titles to the Kindle reading app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Your device must be connected to a wireless or data network in order to download Kindle content to your Kindle reading app.

  1. To add a companion Audible audiobook, tap the Menu icon icon on your app’s Home screen. Tap Audio Companions, and then add a title to your Wish List by tapping Add to Wish List.
  2. From the Safari browser, visit the Kindle Store website:
  3. Sign in to the Kindle Store with the same Amazon account you used when you registered the Kindle reading app.
  4. Browse for Kindle titles you want to read:
    • To buy a companion Audible audiobook title, visit your Wish List within the Kindle Store and tap Buy Now with 1-Click.
    • To buy a book or one issue of a magazine or newspaper, tap Buy Now with 1-Click.
    • To subscribe to a periodical, tap Subscribe now.
  5. Click Read now to open the book in your Kindle app.

After you purchase content, your titles are automatically made available for download within the Kindle app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

Video: How to Buy Kindle Books on Your iPad

Video: How to Buy Kindle Books on Your iPhone

Full website help from Amazon: