Gliding and Celebrating Yourself


We used to do more, finish that thing and go on to the next thing. We never have the natural rhythm of how the universe actually works.    We will learn to work with the Law of Attraction and other universal laws to create what we want with ease and fun through Life Coach Training with QSCA.

Gliding is the time when you really get to just enjoy the kind of work that you put in.   For example, if you’re skiing, there’s a time that you push and then the time that you just get to go downhill, still doing a little bit of work. You’re maneuvering, but you’re gliding.  During Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program, you will learn to unlock your ability to manifest with ease and grace.

So everything in life when we’re looking to create something, there’s all this energy output.  We’ll call that the work even though sometimes it feels like play, but still a lot of energy and it’s creating  even though you love and enjoy that process.  There’s time to do that and then there’s a time to just glide, to allow yourself to relax.

We need to take time to reflect and it’s important when you look at your life and what you’re creating to take a step back when something manifests and say, “Wow, look what I just did.” Not with conceit and arrogance, but when you can look at a success or manifestation of something that happened and allow yourself to be with that energy.  To connect with that field of expansion of success, what happens is, it definitely changes your whole entire energetic field.  

Celebrating yourself will elevate your vibration and expand you. We will be enlightened in qsca coaching program with qsca Christy Whitman that when you allow the feelings of success into your body, you will vibrate in that space and you will continue to create more success for yourself and your life. That’s  how we work with principles of the Law of attraction and this will be discussed profoundly in Life Coach Training with QSCA.

Gliding allows us to reflect, to honor what we have created, and to enjoy the rewards of our efforts. Feel the success, celebrate yourself.  Remember, when you start giving to yourself that is when the rest of the world will give to you!

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