Contrast- A Powerful Tool to Manifestation

Quantum Success Indeed, life is an experience of contrast—consists of two opposing forces.  To illustrate, if you think about something you desire – whether it’s something tangible like a new house, or something intangible like being in love, the possibility of you having what you desire exists right alongside the possibility of you not having what you desire.  Having and not having are inseparable. QSCA Christy Whitman of QSCA will teach us the Law of Attraction and other Universal laws to manifest our heart’s deepest desires. 

Contrast is what we experience when something manifests in our external world that is contrary to what we want to create. Sometimes it manifests as an instantaneous undesirable situation like your child gets hurt and has to be rushed to the hospital.  Other times, contrast manifests as a buildup of mildly irritating factors like hitting every red light on your way to an important event; or having “one of those days” where you’re constantly bumping into things.

Whatever life contrast we experience, it serves a very specific purpose.   It attracts our attention to a conflict between our inner desires and our outer reality.  This conflict generates a point of tension in our body and mind as a feeling of discontent, but this point of tension paves way to a new intention with a clarity that can only arise from raw, unfiltered feeling, a powerful signal is transmitted instantaneously through every strand of our being:  I want something different!  I want something more!

What happens next depends almost completely on how we react to the discontent generated by contrast.  We can focus on and whine about all that seems to be falling apart, or we can use that contrast to clarify exactly what we want to rebuild in its place. A Certified Quantum Success Coach from Quantum Success Coaching Academy Coach Certification Program can give you greater clarity and use contrast as a catalyst to achieve what you really DO want.

At every moment, and with every thought and emotion we send out, we are breathing life into one of two realities:  a reality that we fear, or a reality that we want.  Through qsca coaching program, we will be enlightened that “Contrast” is a powerful summons to believe in ourselves and to keep working toward our success, even in the absence of concrete evidence that we’ll in fact succeed.  Find individuals in qsca coaching program reviews who learn to use contrast as a catalyst to manifestation.

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